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The MOMS Club of Los Gatos / Almaden, CA is a chapter of the International MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club, a nonprofit organization specifically for at-home mothers. Whether you stay home full-time, work outside the house part-time, or have a home business, if you are with your kids during the day, we have lots of activities for you.

The International MOMS Club has 2100+ chapters in the US alone and over 100,000 members!  The MOMS Club of Los Gatos / Almaden, CA Chapter held it's first meeting early in 2004. Currently, we average of 45 to 50 members. Moms are welcome to participate in as many or as few events and gatherings as they choose. There is no minimal commitment.

Being an at-home-mom doesn't have to mean being alone.   We're glad you found us! 

What we offer:

  • Playgroups
  • Park Days
  • Activities
  • Mom's Night Out
  • Monthly Meeting Social
  • Community Service Opportunities

Bring your kids!
Except for the Mom's Night Out, children are always welcome at MOMS Club events. You don't have to bring your children to attend business meetings, but we expect most of you will! In fact, it's a social event that our kids look forward to attending too. All events are scheduled during the daytime, when we are normally home with our kids, with occasional family events scheduled on weekends.


The MOMS Club of Los Gatos / Almaden covers the following zip codes:
95030, 95032, 95033, 95042, 95070, 95118, 95120, 95124, 95125.

For Information regarding MOMS Clubs in other areas, please visit www.momsclub.org or email MOMSClub@aol.com or write to Inquiries, International MOMS Club, 1464 Madera Rd. #N 191, Simi Valley, CA 93065.

Our dues are $30.00 per year. Dues pay for room rentals, supplies, and programs. You may attend two meetings (such as a business meeting and a park day) before deciding if you wish to join. We understand that at-home moms often live on tight budgets, so if the dues would be a financial hardship for you, please discuss a waiver with one of the club officers.

Not sure if this is the right club for you?  We allow each prospective member up to two outings prior to joining.  This allows you to meet other MOMS and make sure it's a good fit for you.

If you are interested in joining or would like to arrange a personal visit to one of our upcoming events, please contact our Membership Vice President at mvp@losgatosalmadenmoms.org .

Please keep in mind that, like yourself, our volunteers are full time moms with many commitments and of course, never enough time! We appreciate your patience when waiting for a response. You should expect a response within 1 week of your inquiry (a bit longer for mailed inquiries), but please don't hesitate to follow up with us if we don't get back to you.